A Tattoo on My Brain describes Dr. Daniel Gibbs’ amazing journey from Neurologist to patient. Having spent twenty-five years caring for patients, many with dementia themselves, he offers a first-hand account of his early Alzheimer’s symptoms, his experience participating in research, and why he believes that an early diagnosis is critical.

In this very practical and personal account, Dr Gibbs details his battles with Alzheimers and provides a unique insight into the illness – he states himself that he never once imagined he would one day be on the other side of the doctor patient conversation. He also managed to diagnose himself years before traditional tests would have been able to do so. It is with this knowledge of early understanding of cognitive impairment and possible interventions, where he is most passionate. Tattoo on My Brain is his way of carrying on his life’s work to help people by passing on what he has learnt.

He offers really useful information on recognising the early signs and the sort of intervention that can help in order to stall the effects of Alzheimers, as well as how the illness can affect senses, and not always memory. His medical background means that he is able to describe all the medical terms, procedures and drugs in an easy to understand format.

Not only is this a fascinating read but it offers great advice and reassurance to anyone who has concerns over their memory and would like to take positive steps in order to help. You can purchase the book by clicking here…