Webcams situated in beautiful locations offer us the chance to escape outside of our living-rooms and experience what it is like to: Swim with the fish swim in an aquarium, talk to the animals in the zoo, stretch out on the sand of a Caribbean beach, sit back and enjoy the progress of a train travelling across Finland/Sweden/Norway, stand in the centre of a busy Japanese city, go birdwatching, explore Yosemite National Park or walk through Central Park in New York with your own guide telling you all about what you are seeing

Visit the frozen vistas of Lapland and spend some time at the Ice Hotel, go reindeer or dog sledding or wonder at the magical Northern Lights

Or stroll along the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland and watch the sun set slide behind the majestic peaks.

Go on a world tour from your armchair. From Berlin to Tel Aviv these 360 degree virtual tours allow you to wander popular sites in the company of an expert guide. Discover Jerusalem’s Western Wall, Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial and Sydney’s Opera House all on the same day and without the hassle of queues and crowds.

If art and culture are more your thing then take a look at this Google Arts & Culture has joined up with galleries, museums, iconic buildings and places of special interest around the globe to produce virtual tours that provide the viewer with instant access and information. The interactive tours cover a huge variety of art and artefacts, from paintings to famous landmarks and architectural masterpieces.

Learn something about the vast collections hanging in the Louvre or stroll the corridors of the Musee D’Orsay, discovering more about the exhibitions and the building that houses them

Marvel at the masterpieces housed in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum and listen to your own private tour guide share their expert knowledge of the works on display there and Florence’s Uffizi

Wander through time with an interactive tour of the British Museum or amble the corridors of the Guggenheim and find out more about what’s on display

The Courtauld Gallery allows you take a digital stroll through the grand rooms of Somerset House and admire the inspiring selection of French impressionist and post-impressionist pieces. There’s also an entertaining tour led by Bill Nighy

Classical music at home: enjoy concerts in your living room performed by British violinist Daniel Hope

Live theatre and  musicals  can be found at  and

Whatever your interests are, you no longer need to leave your home to enjoy an artistic, cultural or entertaining experience.