A combination of broad scientific knowledge and an ability to convey this in easy-to-grasp language underpin this latest offering from the neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta. Gupta is a well-known face to American readers, being the Emmy-Award winning chief medical correspondent for CNN and America’s go-to resource for expert advice on how to stay healthy and safe. 

In this tome (to be released on Kindle in January) he gives a comprehensive overview of all the currently known tricks and techniques to keep the brain healthy, with an emphasis on staving off dementia-related illnesses. Handily, this respected neurosurgeon also addresses some of the myths that abound regarding ageing and cognitive decline, and helps separate fact from fiction. 

Sections of the book are devoted to what we can learn from ‘super-brained’ people who are in their eighties and nineties but show no signs of slowing down. Dr Gupta also addresses brain disease, particularly Alzheimer’s, answering many questions about signs and symptoms. His research shows both how to ward against it and how to care for a partner in cognitive decline.  

On the practical side, the book also provides readers with a personalised 12-week programme featuring practical strategies to strengthen the brain daily. The years before memory problems begin are a remarkable opportunity to train your brain to be resilient to diseases such as Alzheimer’s – even if you have genetic risk factors. For those already experiencing cognitive decline, or caring for a loved one with dementia, Dr Gupta offers guidance and insights for a more productive and positive tomorrow. 

No less a personality than Bill Gates has praised the book, saying, ‘“This is a frontier where we can dramatically improve human life, and Keep Sharp is a helpful primer for anyone who wants to better understand brain function and how to preserve it.” 

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