The genius of this natural history book lies in its clever formatting, which allows readers with memory impairment, dementia or similar conditions (such as recovering from stroke) to access memory-sparking pictures of butterflies to help with focus, confidence and self-esteem. There is a significant gap in the market for adult-oriented books that are simple and clear enough for adults facing life challenges to use and enjoy; offering childrens books to read can be demeaning or offputting for seniors. The writers of this book (one in a series of similar books) claim that their book helps to give your loved one the dignity and respect they deserve.’  

The format is simple – 50 colorful photographs of beautiful butterflies accompanied by their species name in a large font.  

The book says, In order to maintain the dignity and respect your loved one deserves, this book along with the rest in the series, makes no mention of anything to do with Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, or any other challenge a senior may be facing.’ Other titles in the series include Smiling Babies, The Magnificent Owl Colouring Book and North American Birds. 

The book would make a great present for a loved one who enjoys (or used to enjoy) natural history, and has the potential to spark new avenues of thought and memory.  

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