Where Memories Go: Why dementia changes everything – Sally Magnusson

This is a very touching,  well researched and expertly written book, that will resonate with many who have been or are currently going through a similar journey. Sally Magnusson, the author is a respected and  well known journalist and the daughter of the much loved journalist and quizmaster Magnus Magnusson. The book chronicles the experiences that her and her family went through as they cared for their beloved mother who had dementia.

This book describes the practical and emotional journey of the condition, how it affects the person with dementia (as far as someone observing the person can know) and also those who are close and caring for them. It should be reassuring to many who find themselves in the same position as  Sally and her family that when caring for a loved one who has dementia each day can bring the highest of highest  of highs and  the lowest of lows, and the key is to  adapt to the ever changing nature of the condition and most importantly  to know that it is OK not to get it right all the time. Sally talks knowledgeably about dementia, the treatments, the care of the elderly in the UK and puts forward suggestions to improve things where possible. She talks with passion and empathy about the choices that families and loved ones have to make throughout their dementia journey and in particular in the latter stages of the condition. At times the book provides a precious insight as to how a person with dementia may actually feel about their condition and where possible suggests ways to not only support them but to bring joy and purpose to their daily life despite the difficulties they face.  A really rewarding read that will appeal to all, you don’t have to have had a direct experience of dementia to benefit from reading Sally’s story.