This story gives a unique and unparalleled insight in to the life of a dementia sufferer. As a senior doctor in a large clinical practice, Dr Bute looked after patients with dementia, but this book gives us the perspective from both sides – as one caring for and as someone succumbing to the disease.

The author has devoted herself to finding out what can be done to slow down the progression of dementia. The aim of her book is one of practicality, not sentimentality, giving hope to others on the dementia journey. Diagnosed in 2009, Jennifer believes that her dementia is an opportunity as well as a challenge. The book is really easy to read and follow as it is written in a conversational style, as if she is talking to you.  I can imagine this book being invaluable to those caring for or living with someone with dementia. It gives practical advice and recommendations. According to Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive of the Alzheimer’s Society, Jennifer’s book debunks the myth that living with dementia is one of long term, steady decline.

This book is full of hope, Jennifer’s important insights reminding us that the person ‘inside’ remains and can be reached, even when masked by the condition.