It has been quite a long time since any of us has been lucky enough to enjoy the luxury of a professional hair cut or beauty treatment thanks to lockdown. The days of any self luxury seem very dim and distant but that doesnt stop hair or nails from growing! There are hopes that hairdressers might be reopening from the beginning of July although with 3 months of appointments to catch up on, it may be quite a wait until you can find a hairdresser or beauty therapist who can squeeze you in. If your hair is out of control or the person you care for is in desperate need of a trim or a pedicure and youre game to try and DIY it, then here are some useful links. 


If you are used to having your hair dyed and are not happy with your lockdown re-growth, this easy to follow tutorial gives excellent tips for home dying: 

For cutting, the best tip is to invest in a pair of hairdressing scissors. There is plenty of choice on Amazon, starting from £5 but a reasonable pair will cost in the region of £15. 

Then its time to start learning the basic cutting tips from an expert, here is a classic Short Back and Sides’ Mens hair cut – 

For womens hair, these top tips and tutorial from show how to cut lots of different styles and lengths of hair:  


Even though body beauty can feel totally unimportant at the moment, treating yourself or your loved one to some beauty care is a great way to give yourself a little lift and luckily enough, there are plenty of top tips and advice on how to attain that salon’ experience at home. 

For some eyebrow taming and shaping, Goodhousekeeping is once again here to help: 

If your feet are calloused and dry, this great tutorial shows how to turn them from drab to fab: 

For hands, this basic manicure video is presented by a salon owner and is really easy to follow: 

We hope you enjoy having a turn at some at home’ beauty and with any luck, these tutorials will help see you through until its safe to let the professionals take over once again!