When Jamie Tyrone was 49 she took a test to discover her genetic predisposition of getting Alzheimer’s Disease. She was blindsided to discover that she had a 91% chance of contracting the disease in her lifetime. Painfully familiar with Alzheimer’s because of her family history and her experience as a nurse, Tyrone felt as if she had a ticking time-bomb inside her, ready to go off at any moment. But after an initial bout of depression at the terrifying prognosis (and who can blame her?), she decided to take action rather than concede defeat. 

Teaming up with Dr. Marwan Sabbagh, a renowned neurologist and leading authority on Alzheimer’s and dementia, Tyrone has created a resource detailing not just her own experience, but expert medical advice for anyone facing the disease. It is a practical and helpful guide not just for those caring for someone with dementia, but for anyone also facing a raised risk of developing Alzheimer’s.  

The book’s strength is its dual approach, with the firsthand story as experienced by Tyrone, coupled with the medical advice and expertise offered by Dr Sabbagh. Learn how Tyrone faced her journey, including founding BABES (Beating Alzheimer’s By Embracing Science) to raise money and awareness in the search for a cure. It is also one of the few books on the market that takes an honest look at the pros, cons, and possible dangers of genetic testing. 

Responding to the book when it was first published in 2019, John Dwyer, President of the Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation, wrote, ‘The only way to discover treatments and cures for this insidious and pernicious disease is for heroes like Jammie to volunteer for therapeutic clinic trials. Jamie is performing an incalculable service by sharing her experience as a clinical trial participant. Combining Jame’s personal journey with Dr Marwan Sabbagh’s command of the science and the critical importance of volunteering for Alzheimer’s-related trials gives the reader an inspiring and much-needed understanding of one of the greatest challenges facing our society today: what will it take to find a cure for Alzheimer’s?’  You can purchase this book from Amazon