Dementia UK has put together a list of films that are particularly suited to someone living with dementia. The list focuses around films which have music, interactivity and simple plotlines at their heart. Dr. Hilda Hayo, CEO and Chief Admiral Nurse at Dementia UK tells us “…..certain film genres or styles……can be appealing to someone with dementia. This can include films which do not have complex storylines and films where there is a strong action, comedic or musical element.”

Mama Mia, The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, South Pacific were chosen for their ability to enable the viewer to sing along with the many well known songs that are featured. Mama Mia in particular was singled out due to the high level of familiarity people have with Abba’s music.

Comedy, especially the slapstick variety was also recommended. Movies featuring Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chaplin and Mr Bean brought enjoyment and distraction in an easy to understand format, the ‘physical’ nature of these types of comedies makes them very easy to follow.

For younger people with dementia the movies Top Gun, Ghost and Pretty Woman were singled out as having plot lines that were straightforward enough to hold one’s attention.

The list is a great starting point but as  Dr Hayo states “No experience of dementia is the same and families are always best placed to know which films or other activities would appeal to their family member with dementia.”