Moving into a care home can sometimes be the best option for people with dementia as well as those with complex needs. As well as providing a safe setting for people with dementia to live, socialise and enjoy life, care homes can support their residents’ everyday needs and provide medical care where necessary.

If you, or someone you care for, are currently considering a move to a care home, selecting the right facility is essential if you’re going to get the most out of of it. Here are the most important things to consider when choosing the right home for you.


Location is incredibly important when choosing a care home. If you want friends or family to be able to visit easily, make sure you choose a home that’s within easy reach of your loved ones. If your nearest and dearest live in a different town, city or country, try to choose a care home that’s close to good transport links as this will make visits a lot easier.


The facilities available at different care homes can vary dramatically. While some offer dining halls, games rooms and even physiotherapy facilities, others will have very little in the way of extras. If the person going into care wants or needs to be kept busy, then make sure you choose somewhere that offers the chance of an active social life. If possible, visit the home several times before you commit, it’s a way of ensuring it offers everything needed.

Level of care

Although at the moment you or the person you are caring for may only need occasional support, in the future, a higher level of day-to-day care may be required. Make sure you select a care home that will meet your requirements both now and in the future. This often means finding somewhere that offers general support as well as round-the-clock care and medical services. The more comprehensive the cover is at your chosen home, the more likely it will be to meet all your needs.


Cost is an important thing to consider when choosing a care home. Although we all want the best service possible, it’s important to ensure you choose a care home that will be affordable for the duration of your stay. When examining your finances, talk to your local council about the support they offer to people living with dementia.


One of the most important things to consider when selecting a care home is availability. If your preferred home doesn’t have any vacancies, then you may not  be able to move in at the required time. To ensure there’s a place available when you need it, start talking to your chosen care home a few months, or even years, before you want to move in.

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