A warmly written and illustrated book revealing the heartwarming relationship between Grandpa and his Little Buddy.  The two enjoy spending time together, yet their relationship begins to change when Grandpa is diagnosed with a dementia disease. 

Aimed at younger children, the subject of dementia is explored through the feelings of Little Buddy. As he realises that playing football with his Grandpa won’t quite be the same as it was, Little Buddy has questions, and is comforted by his parents who show him that he can still find ways to connect with Grandpa. They show him that while the activities Grandpa can manage are changing, there is still much fun to be had for the two of them. In fact, spending time with each other is as special as ever! Using delightful and tender illustrations, dementia is compassionately explored through the innocent eyes of a child to create a greater understanding of the disease. Tips for speaking with your child as well as a useful Q&A are also included at the end of the story to help answer any unanswered questions your little one might have.  

The book offers hope and reassurance for children without protecting them from the realities of the disease. As a mother of three and a registered Social Worker and Dementia Care Expert, Guenette deftly and compassionately explores the subject through the innocence of a child. There are tears and smiles to be found and as an added bonus, a portion of profits from this book will be donated to the Alzheimer Society of Canada.