The illustrated nature book is a charming selection of much-loved verses by British poets. It was put together by Clare Harris, an educational writer who has created this large print poetry anthology book specifically for people with dementia to help jog memories and stimulate conversations. 

The text and layout of the book is very clear and uncluttered, which makes it very easy to read and share. The photographic illustrations work really well with the poems they accompany and were great talking points. The author has carefully chosen popular poems which meant they were well known to my parents and it was lovely to be able to share them together and see them remember and even finish off some of the lines. 

Overall it was a great little activity to do with my parents and very reasonably priced. The book comes in both kindle and paperback format which was great for me as I was able to instantly download the book and share. The author has also created another anthology for Nature and one for Love as well as some useful activity books in large print. I will definitely be investigating! you can purchase the book by clicking here