Knickers in the Fridge is a lighthearted and honest account of one familys experience with Alzheimers. The book gives a humorous look at life with Molly, whose family moves in with her once she becomes less confident about living on her own. Molly delights in having her family around her and Jane deftly tells the story of how her family adjust to life living with Molly and dementia.  

The book is a beautifully observed account of how one family deals with dementia in their midst and manages to keep smiling. Grierson writes from a personal perspective in a conversational tone which really helps to make you feel like youre one of the family as you read along. Although there is definitely humour to be found, it doesnt shy away from the less palatable side of caring for a loved one with dementia, but at no point does it dwell on this side of it – the overarching theme of the book is one of optimism and love. It has been written with a huge amount of love and shows how the family manages to accommodate Mollys increasing mental decline. From pre-diagnosis through to considering a full time care home – Grierson writes with truth throughout and it makes for a compelling read. 

An engaging read for anyone who has concerns about dementia, or who would enjoy a joyful story about real people.