A beautifully illustrated and sensitive story which introduces the subject of dementia to very young children. Lenny the Lion loves his grandpa, King Lion, but when the King starts to forget things, Lenny begins to worry. This tender account of Lenny’s worries as he watches his beloved grandfather become muddled, confused and forgetful is a great way to start conversations with younger children who may not understand why a relative is acting a certain way.  

I particularly loved that Lenny learns how to help his Grandpa by involving his friends and getting them to visit in a bid to help him remember. It’s a lovely way to show children that they can retain their special bond with grandparents who may be suffering with dementia. The simplicity of the the language used is just perfect for this age group. The charming illustrations by Susan Varley that accompany the story really help the story to come alive. A perfect first introduction to a complicated and emotive subject of dementia.