John Suchet is the award-winning British Newsreader, television presenter and author and this is his heartbreaking story of how he watched the love of his life, his wife Bonnie, descend in to dementia.

This book may prove a difficult read for anyone who is just starting their journey as an unpaid carer to a loved one suffering with the disease, but it also could absolutely offer comfort and reassurance to anyone needing it. Suchet chronicles the story of their lives, intertwined with the story of their present – and the progression of Bonnie’s illness. We learn that just as they approached their retirement and were looking forward to spending their golden years together, John details the ‘thief’ who stole his wife. A definite ‘warts n all’ story that leaves you in no doubt about the cruelty of the disease and the sadness felt by those looking on.

The author’s emotional anguish and autobiographical nature of the book is, at times, a tough read, but in the end it is just a beautiful love story and is still full of joyful moments. Suchet writes so eloquently about their love and the frustrations he sometimes feels as the disease progresses it is hard not to find the joy in his recounting of their lives together. Bonnie’s warmth and humour ooze from the pages and the love for his wife is the back bone of this book. It is essentially a love story, tinged with tragedy but definitely a love story that endures.