The role of nutrition in helping prevent and delay dementia is receiving a lot of attention at the moment, and for good reason. Research is revealing that adopting a brain-healthy diet can play a significant part in delaying the onset of symptoms in Alzheimer’s and dementia generally. This book (now in its second edition) aims to give a comprehensive overview of the various dietary approaches that are currently recommended. 

Diets reviewed and explored include the Mediterranean diet, DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), and MIND, which combines the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet. Sections new to this particular edition look at lifestyle choices that can influence cognitive function in addition to proper nutrition, including stress reduction, sleep, exercise and staying socially and mentally active.  

If you or a loved one is at risk for developing dementia, the guidelines presented in this book can help you maintain your brain health and fight the onset of dementia. If you or your loved one has already been diagnosed, this book will provide insights into nutritional changes that may slow the progression of the disease. 

Reviews from happy customers highlight the book’s usefulness. One reviewer, themself an Alzheimer’s sufferer, said, ‘While I essentially knew most of the information, it highlighted the fine tuning that will benefit me personally. I thank you for your comprehensive research and clear presentation.’ Another said, ‘My husband has the beginning signs of dementia, since we have been eating many of the suggested foods here, he has shown great improvement. A must read.’