We all know that a good diet is important to both our short-term health and our long-term wellbeing. Eating and drinking the right things can help to prevent a wide range of diseases and chronic health conditions and can see us living longer, healthier and fuller lives. One thing that’s integral to good health is hydration. Staying hydrated can help you to maintain a healthy weight, give your body the resources it needs to thrive and help you to protect yourself from a variety of long-term conditions.

According to recent research, drinking plenty of water can even help to lower your chances of developing dementia. Not only can hydration help to prevent dementia, it can also minimise the symptoms of people living with the condition, helping to boost their quality of life and make every day that little bit easier.

Hydration and dementia

According to research published by the Alzheimer’s Society, maintaining a good level of hydration can help to lower your chances of developing dementia. Although the organisation hasn’t published figures on how hydration directly impacts dementia, its findings have shown that living a healthy lifestyle, and maintaining a balanced diet, can both help to lower your risk of developing the condition.

In order to minimise your chances of developing dementia, you need to be drinking between six and eight glasses of water a day. If you live somewhere hot, or if you live an active life, you may need to drink a little more in order to maintain a good level of hydration.

Other factors that can lower the risk of dementia

As well as drinking lots of water, you need to ensure you eat a balanced diet and get plenty of exercise. Staying active is also an important factor in minimising your risk of developing dementia. Try to socialise, learn new things and challenge yourself as much as possible to keep your brain active and your mind healthy.

Benefits of hydration

Not only does staying hydrated help to reduce your chances of developing dementia, it also helps to control your weight, promote cardiovascular health, improve your skin tone and help your muscles and joints to work as they should. Giving you both short and long term benefits, good hydration is the cornerstone of a healthy, balanced lifestyle and is something we all need to pay a little closer attention to every day.

Although age is by far the biggest risk factor when it comes to developing dementia, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce your chances of being affected by the condition and to minimise its symptoms if you are. Find out more about living with dementia by exploring our site today.