Described as the definitive guide to dementia care, The 36 Hour Day provides a helpful resource to anybody caring for someone with dementia in the home. Now in its 6th edition, with updated research and figures, the book gives a practical guide to coping with all aspects of home care whilst trying to ensure the person with dementia lives well with the disease. 

The authors are based in the US which means some of the references and financial details arent relevant to UK readers, however overall the book works as an incredibly useful tool for anyone dealing with dementia. I would imagine most caregivers would benefit from the encouragement and factual information contained within the 400 pages, to help better understand the often confusing behaviour and bewildering world of life with dementia. The book covers all types of dementia including that caused from severe brain injury and provides helpful advice on how to try to work towards delaying some symptoms. It also covers what to do when the progression of the disease means that home care is no longer viable with advice on choosing care homes and palliative care. 

The text is person focused and offers reassurance as well as guidance. It wont help you to fit 36 hours of caregiving in to the 24 hours we are afforded, but it can provide help with the different stages of Dementia and help understand why the person you are caring for is acting a certain way. The book is well researched and factual – a little dry to read all in one hit – but with the comprehensive index at the back of the book, it works as a great fact finder when you come up against a new issue or behaviour you need help with – from excessive chewing to combative behaviour. 

With all the questions that can arise on a daily basis, 36 Hours offers an answer’ lifeline to anyone navigating the tricky world of dementia care.