This book is written by two highly qualified Americans who have spent years as dietitians and researchers, investigating the link between diet and Alzheimer’s. The main assertion is that Alzheimer’s disease disrupts critical metabolic pathways in the brain and keeping these pathways healthy is the best way to prevent damage appearing.

To that end, their guide is not a recipe book but more of a reference book with facts and lists of food that can help you keep healthy brain function. As well as learning why diet can help you, Chapter 2 provides a summary of the three main Brain Boosting diet plans currently recommended for dementia prevention and compares their differences. Chapter 3 lists over one hundred foods that nourish and protect the brain and it explains the reasons behind the recommendations for each food and the benefits each one has for helping prevent brain degeneration. Several of the foods deserve special recognition and have a much more in-depth description. A few of these ingredients are less common, but most are easily recognised. There is then a two week sample meal plan in Chapter 4 however there are no real recipes, it is more a food ‘bible’.

The book comes from a personal as well as professional perspective, as both authors explain how the disease affected both of their mothers which I appreciated. However there is nothing particularly groundbreaking in what was covered in this guide, a lot of what is included is information that has already been documented, but if you are looking to try and adopt a healthier lifestyle and don’t know where to start, I can see how this could provide a useful guide. In essence, this is a quick and easy read which covers all the basics, it is well laid out with useful tips for a healthy lifestyle and a glossary at the back.