As dementia becomes a more widely understood condition, the innovations to help improve and support people’s lives on their dementia journey become ever more creative and impressive. We’ve rounded up some of our current favourites.

Rosebud Reminder Clock

This is great for those who live alone, as it can help to relieve the stress and anxiety created about timings, dates, and schedules. It was developed using feedback from those living with with dementia as well as their carers. Each of the inbuilt alarms can be used to assist with the regular tasks that happen each day (such as taking medication), and the clear screens can be displayed easily at the touch of a button. The reminder clock is available in a black or white frame. Find out more here

Key finder

You can tag up to five different objects, including keys. When you need to find a lost object, simply press the associated colour on the base stand and the alarm will lead you to the object.

Find out more here

Turn Fidget

A relaxing gadget that can keep agitated hands and minds at bay. This simple wooden puzzle was developed in association with Alzheimer’s Society. There are several versions of the gadget including a rolling one. The repetitive motions can help keep stress at bay, or simply engage the mind quietly. Find out more here

Reusable Signage Sticker Book

Does your loved one have trouble remembering where everything is kept? These stickers could help with daily routines. Reusable and transferable, they make finding items in drawers or cupboards much easier. Includes light switch covers, room signage and more. Find out more here

Doro PhoneEasy Photo Telephone

Phones can be challenging pieces of equipment for a person with dementia, but they can also be a lifeline. Try to find one with big buttons for ease of use, but for added help, you could try this photo phone from Doro. Simply press the picture of the person you are trying to contact and the phone will dial straight through – no remembering long numbers or rooting through piles of notes to find contact details. Find out more here

Easy Eating Keep Warm Kit

Combining fresh design with intelligent function, this mug, lid, plate and bowl kit is ideal for those in the mid and late-stages of dementia, who may be bedbound or need more support when eating. The two-handled mug has a cone-shaped interior meaning the person drinking doesn’t have to tip their head back very far in order to get any fluid, making it ideal for those with limited movement. The mug is made of a heat-insulating material. The plate’s sloped base allows all the food collects on one side, making it easier to scoop it onto a fork or spoon. The bowl contains a reservoir space between the base and the inside of the bowl which can be filled with hot water or ice to keep food hot or cold as needed. Find out more here