Something we are all desperate for as the pandemic drags on is new ways to connect – to our old lives, to people we can’t meet face-to-face, and to hobbies, leisure pursuits and pastimes.   

One new service that has been successfully brightening the lives of isolated older people is called The Joy Inside, and is being run by Mind for You, a business that helps to organise dementia-friendly holidays for families. Prevented from running their traditional holidays by Covid, Mind for You came up with the idea to provide online Zoom-based events covering a wide range of interests, from art appreciation to vintage cars to general chat.  

Zoom sessions are held regularly for up to five households, and booking is done at the organisation’s website. Some of the sessions are free of charge, and some have a small fee (around £10) per household. When we went to have a look at what was on offer we found upcoming sessions on Halloween, the Sky at Night, Laugh out Loud and James Bond, among others. There are handy write-ups to describe what will happen in the 60 minute chat. Laugh out Loud, for example, promises: ‘You can’t beat a good laugh, it makes the world seem a much brighter place.  Join up to six households living with dementia for a variety of short, fun activities. We will find out who can tell the best joke, try some laughter yoga and see if we can match the theme tune with the comedian. We may even learn some tongue twisters, funny poetry and some silly songs. Get ready to get those  laughter muscles moving and join the fun.’ 

If you are not proficient with technology and cannot face setting up your Zoom software, Mind for You offer to talk you through the steps needed on the phone – they have lots of experience doing this with new users and are keen to help.  

Find out more and book your sessions here