This Mediterranean based diet plan is designed to help significantly help improve brain functionality as well as help prevent a variety of brain diseases.

Health claims aside, there are over 200 recipes which are fairly easy to follow and the ones this reviewer has tried, are really yummy. There are lots of delicious smoothies, snacks, desserts, and meals to choose from and the chocolate date balls are great for those with a sweet tooth. It’s very easy to get your head around the diet plan – the daily permissible glass of wine will appeal to many!  Even if you aren’t entirely convinced on the link between food and brain health, this book has such a great range of recipes from slow cooker recipes to vegan/vegetarian ones, I would imagine it would be invaluable in most homes.

The introduction and lifestyle guidelines are straightforward and gimmick-free, the link between maintaining a healthy Mediterranean based diet and having a longer, healthier life have been well documented so this will make a lot of sense to most people. Some may struggle with a reduction in food such as butter and cheese, but the argument for doing so is quite convincing. The recipes are quite quick on the whole so they really encourage you to get in the kitchen and make the healthy alternatives, rather than grabbing something unhealthy.  A great book to encourage a reluctant cook and keep you and your loved ones healthy.