The Old You is a fast-paced thriller which will keep you on your toes from start to finish. This modern domestic noir by Louise Voss is meticulously plotted throughout and offers up a whole new genre of human horror.

Ed and Lyn are devastated by Ed’s diagnosis of Pick’s Disease which is a rare form of progressive dementia. As they begin to adapt to the new situation they find themselves in, Ed begins to change in ways Lynn could never have imagined and she grows increasingly uncomfortable in her own home. Is it the disease-causing Ed’s erratic and troubling behaviour or is something more sinister at play?  The characters are at the heart of this story and it is told from Lynn’s perspective, giving us believable, flawed characters which have you hooked in from the start. The creeping paranoia and heartbreaking and often harrowing scenes are expertly delivered in a strong narrative which kept me guessing throughout. Voss offers up a unique storyline and creates anything but the standard family drama. This book offers a tense bit of escapism – at times it is so far removed from ‘normal’ life or the lives of those living with dementia but the gripping way the story evolves means it will keep you interested until the end.