As everyone knows, we are what we eat. If you or a loved one has dementia, avoiding certain foods can help to ease symptoms and slow the progression of the disease. Keep reading to find out more.

Butter and margarine

While you don’t need to avoid butter and margarine completely, limiting the amount you eat should help to slow the progress of dementia. Try to avoid spreading butter thickly on your morning toast and don’t use too much in frying, baking or sauces. If possible, replace butter and margarine with olive oil.


Like butter, cheese is packed full of fat. Limiting your cheese intake to just one portion a week is a good idea if you want to minimise your risk of Alzheimer’s and slow the disease down.

Fried and fast foods

Fried and fast foods are damaging to both your waistline and your mind. Packed full of saturated fat, and often high in salt, these indulgent meals should be eaten only as a very occasional treat. Replace fried foods with oven-cooked alternatives for a healthier lifestyle.


Eating sugary foods on a regular basis can lead to insulin resistance. This in turn can increase your risk of developing dementia and make symptoms worse for those already have the condition. Pastries contain high levels of both fat and sugar. This double whammy means they’re a no go for anyone trying to follow a healthy diet.


Sweets are almost pure sugar so should be avoided at all costs. Swap your bag of pick and mix for some dried or fresh fruit if you really need a sweat treat.

Red meats

Limiting your consumption of red meat to just four times a week can have a beneficial impact on your health. Switch red meat for chicken or fish to make your meals tasty and good for the brain.


Drinking alcohol can make the symptoms of dementia worse and make those suffering from the condition more confused and more irrational. Try to avoid alcohol completely to keep a clear head.

White foods

Foods like white bread and pasta quickly turn to sugar as they’re digested. As we’ve already seen, the sweet stuff is bad for the mind so avoid these hidden sugars whenever possible.

Processed meat

Processed food often contains high levels of salt and fat. It can also have a number of chemicals that are bad for the brain. Specifically, chemicals called nitrosamines – which are used to increase shelf life – have been linked to an increase in brain degeneration.

Microwave popcorn

Microwave popcorn contains diacetyl, a chemical that may lead to an increase of amyloid plaques in the brain. Research has shown that a build-up of these plaques can cause brain degeneration and Alzheimer’s.

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