When someone you love is diagnosed with dementia, it can be all too easy to feel helpless. A good way to regain some control over the situation, and offer your loved one much-needed support, is to provide them with practical ways to cope with the challenges of dementia. Here are our top ten tips.

1. Electronic calendars
People with dementia can struggle to remember which day it is and even which year theyre in. This can be disorientating and confusing. Giving your loved one an electronic calendar will help to keep them in the present moment and ensure they always know exactly what day it is.

2. Reminders
Placing reminders around the house is a great way to help someone with dementia navigate the space. Use post-it notes or other signage to remind your loved one whats in their cupboards, when they need to take medication and when to take the bins out.

3. Turn up the lights
Properly lighting a space can make it much easier for people with dementia to move around safely. Replace old, dull light bulbs with energy efficient new ones to help brighten up your loved ones home.

4. Remove obstacles
Getting rid of unnecessary furnishings and other obstacles is another good way to make a home safer for someone with dementia. Go through the house together deciding which items can go and which need to stay.

5. Make flooring safe
Loose tiles or carpet can be a real trip hazard. Get a professional in to secure the flooring in your loved ones home, or even replace the flooring altogether, to create a safer space.

6. Brightly coloured crockery
People with dementia can struggle to differentiate between objects. Buying them brightly coloured crockery will help to ensure their food stands out from the plate and make eating a lot easier.

7. Clear the clutter
Clearing the clutter from a space can help it to feel calmer and more relaxing. This can be soothing for people living with dementia. Clear cluttered work surfaces, over-laden shelves and busy tables to create a more serene interior.

8. Install mobility aids
Adding a few grab rails to bathrooms, staircases and other key areas can make a home safer and more accessible for someone living with dementia. Talk to an expert installer to find out more.

9. Regular visits
People with dementia need regular stimulation. Visiting your loved one on a regular basis is one of the best ways to help keep their mind active and ensure they stay positive.

10. Get technical
These days, there are a huge number of technical aids for people living with dementia. If your loved one can no longer work their heating, you can install a smart system and operate their radiators remotely from your phone. You could also invest in a smart fridge to ensure theyre eating healthily and a smart doorbell so you can see whos coming and going.

Learn more about life with dementia, and the help and support thats available to you, by exploring the dementia.network  today.