Dementia isnt a subject that gets much air time on popular radio programmes, unless a high profile Celebrity is diagnosed with it and the subject reaches the spotlight for a short time before the news moves on. However UK Health Radio is a London based national and international health radio station and website which is changing that by offering a weekly, dedicated programme on dementia. 

The D’ Word, presented by Pete Hill, is the UKs only dementia based radio show. Talking to experts, as well as people living with dementia, the programme aims to raise the profile of the condition that affects 50 million people across the globe. 

Each week Pete has a guest on the programme to discuss a wide range of interesting topics and all of the weekly shows are available to listen to on demand on their dedicated site:  

Listening to the experiences and advice of so many others will hopefully help people feel less alone on their journey with Dementia, especially in these times of isolation, and having the programmes available on demand means you can fit them around your daily life. With a years worth of programmes available, there is a lot to choose from: Fiona Corner from Alzheimers Scotland talks about Dementia Dogs; Clare Mason talks about the Angela Project which aims to help improve the services for people with Young Onset Dementia; Keith Oliver discusses life after a diagnosis, his work as an author and peoples’ attitudes to dementia; World Expert, Professor Aimee Spector from University College London talks about her work on Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST). 

Pete Hill is a friendly and engaging host and has interviewed so many different people including authors, film directors, charity directors, care home workers, sports experts – and we are pleased to say that the founder of the Dementia Network, Robert Dellow will be adding to the long list of interviewees when he talks about his experience of caring for his mother and how he came to create the Dementia Network in an upcoming programme. We will add the link for this as soon as it becomes available.